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Coweta Fayette Termite & Pest Solutions, we love nature in all of its wondrous forms ? yes, even termites have an important place in the ecosystem! Our goal is to co-exist peacefully with our fellow earth inhabitants. However, sometimes certain parts of the wild kingdom decide to share our abodes! Rats, mice, snakes, squirrels, raccoons, birds and bats, among others, occasionally like to call on their human neighbors for extended visits. When unwanted guests start invading your home, it?s time to call Coweta / Fayette.

Many common wild animals have long been making themselves at home in our suburbs and cities. Some animals come and go among us. They discover food in abundance in our gardens, trash cans and pets' food dishes. They learn easy routes in and out of our towns--through underbrush, along streams and railways, and even through sewers. But when these animals find their way into your home or garage and decide to stay, they quickly become a nuisance.

Squirrels, bats, and many other animals cause millions of dollars in property damage every year. Some carry diseases and parasites that can be transmitted to you or your pets. Wild animals are attracted to areas that have easy access to food sources such as vegetable gardens, bird feeders, or unprotected domestic animal feeds. They tend to look for areas that provide a warm shelter that will protect them from the elements such as attics, basements, walls and chimneys. If there are easy access points such as loose siding, broken windows or missing foundation vents, animals will be more likely to set up residence. Ignoring the problem will not encourage it to go away.

Most invading rodents settle in and decide to stay. Unfortunately, the longer an animal remains undisturbed in any particular area, the more difficult it will be to remove. The animal will build a nest, produce offspring and attract others to shelter in your home. Confronting a trespassing pest on your own is never a good idea. A wild animal is unpredictable and dangerous no matter how small or innocuous looking. Calling a professional exterminator is always recommended when dealing with nuisance wildlife. Being local we have no problem standing behind our warranty. If your nuisance pest come back we come back no additional charge.

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